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Community & Resources for more authentic marketing & more balanced motherhood.

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For You

From new mom to veteran in the game . . . From novice marketer to mastermind . . . everyone needs community, support, resources & inspiration.


Connect with marketers and mothers, communicators and caretakers, who can relate to and inspire you


Access and share meditations, workouts, prayers, recipes, and tips to help us all be at our best


Guides, books & expert tips from trailblazers and changemakers in marketing and momming





About Marketing & Momming

Contribute = We see your value. Share what you know. Ask for what you need.

Connect = Find or expand your tribe here. Online and in real life.

Clap = Celebrate your wins and clap for your sisters.

Care = There is no other you. Treasure yourself.


Since 2020

Our Mission

We know. We know. 2020 has been a notoriously challenging year for some. That’s kinda why we are here. Some things just can’t wait. If you have a family . . . you have to “mom” it. If you have a business . . . you have to “market” it. Constantly. Our hope is to support you in both (or either) of these lofty yet rewarding endeavors. 


For The Better

With You

This is a reciprocal


We want your voice here. We need it. 

Nurture. Network. Navigate.

Because You Are Magic Everyday

This is where you get out of your own way, and into your power.

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