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Do The Write Thing

With a whole new year ahead of me (and you) I thought it would be a good idea to write down my goals for the year. We have all heard about resolutions, a word which now has mostly a negative connotation. Writing something down can give it a permanent space in our minds, it may also help us remember. I wrote down my goals for this year and I plan to look at the goals I have written on a regular basis. With my “seize the day” attitude I should be able to track progress. I will keep you guys posted, and let you know where I am doing well and which areas I could use more help in.

Write down some goals of your own, and track your own progress. they can be personal goals, career goals, or something else all together. If you don’t define them now, you won’t know if your getting close or not. And as always . . . feel free to share.

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