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Life, in some ways, is like a good bottle of wine. Wine of any value takes time and care to develop. Most people would agree the same is true in life. Taking time to figure out what makes you happy and how you can get the most out of life is not an unfamiliar concept. Once we are on the path that we hope will lead to the life we want, we tend to get so caught up that we forget to live the life we have today. This is where another wine analogy could be of great help.  Chill for best results.

Being focused and driven is great, even necessary. Failure to balance that drive with designated time for relaxation can lead to burnout. So . . . remember to chill. Passive inactivity is not always enough. Purposely rejuvenating or unwinding is much more effective. I am learning to embrace this practice myself.

Here are some off my favorite tips for working some restoration into your schedule:

  • Book & Beverage – A quiet space, your e-reader (or an actual book for you classic types) plus your favorite tea, lemonade, chilled glass of wine, or coffee creation can make for a completely satisfying “you time” experience. NOTE: Add a glass of water. When we are Dehydrated our thirsty bodies may translate that lack of water into more stress.
  • The Sound of Music – Listening to music decreases the heart rate and promotes relaxation. Besides it’s physical effects, listening to one of your favorite tunes can be emotionally pleasing, not to mention fun.
  • Feel The Burn – Exercise has obvious benefits on our bodies, but has also been shown to improve the health of our minds. Chemicals released during exercise can decrease the feeling of stress. A brisk walk, yoga, or your favorite team sport will do.
  • Talking to a friend or relative, getting a good laugh in, a creative hobby or even a massage are all other good ways to chill.

Consider time for your own well being a necessity, not an optional luxury, and schedule it like you would any other activity if it helps you manage your time. If you need help justifying relaxation time, think about the last time you got completely overwhelmed. Were you effective and able to function properly afterward? Probably not. Preventing that burnout feeling is a legitimate and healthy habit to have.