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Ever worked so hard, for so long, that you just shut down? How about being so into your social calendar that quiet time by yourself seems like torture? It’s not difficult to fall into extremes, and get stuck far on one side of a spectrum. There is truly an art to balance, and  mastering it is worth the effort. Like almost everything else in life, it takes some practice.

Think of a bicycle. How many times do you have to fall completely to one side or the other before you can learn to identify that point of balance? Sometimes, it takes us getting swept up by an extreme in our own lives to remind us that balance is something we have to work on. In the past, I have been overly critical of myself when I notice I’ve been leaning too hard to one side. Now, I feel a sense of thanks when I can acknowledge that I’m off balance in some area. I know that identifying the problem area, and working on correcting it, will only mean I achieve balance in one or more area of life. Something that can help us be more balanced in general is assessing some common areas where things can get uneven.

How are you balancing the following? :

  • Work & Play
  • Kudos & Criticism (of self and/or others)
  • Me Time vs. Family Time
  • Low Self Confidence vs. Arrogance
  • Spending vs. Saving

Are the other areas where you could stand to even out? Once you are aware of the extremes, work toward meeting in the middle. Be sure not to overcompensate though. Remember. . . the beauty is in the balance!