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Today was super long. Actually it was so long that it is not over. It’s almost 10:30pm and while I’ve been going all day, and am very tired, reflecting on the past group of hours brings Patty to mind.

Patty is a lovely lady that I had a heart to heart with today over a cash register. I don’t know her and I may never see her again . . . but I will not forget her. I went to purchase a drink in the cafe of the large office building I was leaving after an important meeting. While she was ringin’ me up, I asked the cashier how she was doing. She told me that she had been having a tough week; and I could see she meant it by the concern on her face.

Well. . . Do you pray?

I’d asked her an important question but wasn’t sure where it might lead. She began to tell me about how she loved God, and did pray. She said she thought that trials were “kinda like” meant to make you better but it was still hard to go through them. I encouraged her and told her that sometimes God wants to draw us closer to Him. She eventually shared what the real problem was. Get this. . . she was falling in love! Patty said it had been 10 years since her last relationship; which obviously failed. She was being wooed by a seemingly good guy. . . but fear had gripped her to the core. I could tell she cared for him, the issue wasn’t him at all. Simply, most of us are mistaken in thinking that Love’s natural opposite is hate. In fact, the opposite of love is fear. I reminded Patty that “fear” was not from God (2 Timothy 1:7). I suggested that she pray about this guy and a relationship, but to certainly not let fear be a reason for any decisions she made. I could speak from experience on this topic, as I shared with her. I’d been freed of the cyclical bonds of a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship, but it left me jaded. I thought true love was an imaginary idea I’d never experience. Thankfully I was wrong; and was blessed with the PERFECT man for me who I now call husband. She seemed encouraged and grateful for the conversation. I asked her her name, told her mine, and let her know I’d be praying for her. When I told my husband about the encounter at the lunch counter, he insisted we pray for Patty right away.