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Thinking about ways to build stronger connections this year can be an intimidating task. What magical approach can help you better reach clients, fans, supporters, or a general audience? Do you have to figure out the whole year before you can even move forward?

Here is a sure fire way to help ensure you are sought out. It may also help open doors when you are the one doing the seeking. Tell your story. Yes, that’s it. Sounds simple enough, true . . . but doing it right will make a difference.

Here are some important things your story should do:

  • Be interesting. Telling people what you do is not enough. Why do you do it?
  • Be original. If there is something similar tell it a new way, or from another angle.
  • Be relate-able. Some ideas should be common even if your experience is unique.
  • Be well written. This can not be worked around. If you can’t do it hire someone who can.
  • Exude passion. If it is not important to you why would anyone make it important to them?

Not sure what your story is? Maybe your story (or that of your brand) is an exploratory one of finding your passion and purpose.  Share that, many can relate.

Not sure what makes your story different? Consult bullet point two. Perhaps your classic ‘rags to riches’ or ‘boy meets girl’ story can be told best backwards.

Hope you are energized to share now. If you need some extra help with this concept post a comment OR send us an email. We look forward to hearing your story!