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Oftentimes, I have potential clients approach me in a frenzy. They’re in a rush to get some last minute buzz for an event they threw together. They may be scrambling to take advantage of some trending news in their field of expertise. In cases like this, the urgency and desperation almost always means the ideal plan is just not feasible. Like shopping for a big Thanksgiving meal the day before, the items you want are not available. When it comes down to the wire, we need to have a frank conversation and answer some serious questions. For example, “Is doing it fast better than doing it right?”

So how do you know when nothing is better than something? If any effort is one you wouldn’t be impressed by from someone else, you’re better off without attaching it to your brand. There are certain red flags to warn you that you may need to wait until you are better prepared. Here are a handful of instances were you should definitely take your time to ensure what you are producing reflects positively on your business.

  • Content – What you say and how you say it are two of the most unique things about you, in both personal and professional life. Don’t push out rushed content for quantity’ sake. Taking your time to craft messages specific to your audience is the only way to build a truly loyal following.
  • Events – Holding an event is a big opportunity to get people familiar with your brand, to gain some media coverage, or to bring attention to a cause. It’s also a big risk. Attendees easily equate shabby or poorly planned events to cheap or non-expert brands. Put forth your best effort when hosting events and opt for fewer extraordinary events over numerous mediocre offerings.
  • Gifts and Thank Yous – Saying thank you or offering a thoughtful token of appreciation can go a long way in solidifying relationships. A simple thank you card will help you stand out, and cause the recipient to root for you. Be careful. You will loose whatever brownie points you have earned if that person finds out you sent the same card, with the same exact message, to someone else. Personalize any gits by finding out what the recipient enjoys. This way you seem sincere and not cheesy.

Remember, your brand needs protecting just like anything else you care about. Avoid hasty and half-baked decisions you’ll regret later. It is far easier to make a good impression than to clean up after making a bad one.

Hope this helps,
Alicia Brownell – Founder of A, B, Seize