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Lessons from Babies

Baby in academician clothes with roll and book

As I learn more each day about balancing the demands of business and parenthood, the recurring reminder is not to take myself (or any experience) to seriously. Here are a few things I am implementing, taking a cue from my little guy and his peers.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Little ones do not worry about what tomorrow will bring. They are the best at living in the moment, fully enjoying whatever is in front of them at any given time and going with the flow. Somewhere between bills and boardrooms we loose most of that attitude. While we all have to be responsible, it would help to recapture some of the carefree spirit of our youth. Worrying less and enjoying what is around us will certainly help with productivity, and better quality of life over all.

Pace, Don’t Race

Small kids don’t compete with each other. Only their parents compare who learned to walk at what age, who weighs more and who can mumble the most words. Babies learn at their own pace, and eventually figure things out in their own time. Being your own competition is far more rewarding and will help you stay focused on your own progress.

Take A Break

No matter how much energy they may seem to have, the inevitable crash is always coming. Babies can’t help it. Their growing bodies need rest. We adults consider it a badge of honor if we can run on nominal sleep. Let’s not make that a habit. We would feel and function better if we took routine breaks for mental clarity and for re-energizing.

These small changes inspired by small people could help you have a better working environment, or a better quality of life.

Hope this helps you SEIZE more,
Alicia Brownell – Founder of A, B, Seize

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