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It never fails. We come across the next big sensation, and as soon as anyone knows about them. . . everyone does. They burst onto the scene and are declared an overnight success. We see the glamorous fruits of a big break and it’s easy to think that hard work is overrated. Don’t be fooled. Or discouraged.

Oftentimes, what seems like an overnight success is really the result of many late nights of work while peers are sleeping. Lots of thankless, invisible hours go into being prepared for that one big opportunity that can catapult you to the next level of visible success. So keep putting in the work. Those who are not prepared when big opportunities arise tend to end up regretting the missed chance. The distraction of comparing yourself to others who seem to be where you want to go can be the difference between being prepared or not. So don’t fall for the okie doke. Don’t discount your hard work. As long as you are progressing, it doesn’t matter if it takes one night or several. Trust that your big break is coming and be ready to meet it head on.

Keep pushing,
– Alicia Brownell – A, B, Seize