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My husband and I recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. The day before our anniversary I had just returned home from a business trip. I was exhausted. We spent the next day, a quiet Sunday, at home together with the kids. That Friday my folks graciously watched the boys so we could enjoy a nice dinner out.

About an hour before we were supposed to leave, my phone slipped off the armchair of the couch in between the couch cushions and down into the inside of the couches frame. No one could reach it and it rang and buzzed as we headed out the door. I panicked. I always have my phone. I was sure I’d miss an important phone call. And how could we possibly have a belated anniversary dinner on a rare night with a babysitter and not take the obligatory date night selfie?

Once we got to the restaurant, the ambiance and delicious food helped me forget about my phone. I was enjoying my love’s company and started to feel a litte silly for being so concerned about my phone earlier. It is actually possible to be content for a few hours without Siri. It’ll take some getting used to, but I think I will make it a point to spend more quality without any devices. Sounds pretty old school. It’ll be a mini time traveling adventure.