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Today is my 30th birthday. Man, that sounds funny. As a 30 year old, happily married mother of two who works very hard for herself and her clients – I think I deserve at least one blog post to celebrate me. So here it goes (not in any particular order):

  1. My sense of humor
  2. My determination
  3. The way I stick up for others
  4. My creativity
  5. My relationship with Christ – my faith is my foundation
  6. My sense of style
  7. My cooking skills
  8. My affinity for lists
  9. My taste in music
  10. My relationship with my loving husband – we are for each other 100% and we grow together daily. Plus, he’s a hunk.
  11. The way I solve problems
  12. My big eyes
  13. My height
  14. My vocabulary
  15. My childhood – I had a great upbringing in a great family. From exploring Europe while living in Belgium to my high school days in California, I’ve been blessed.
  16. My entrepreneurial spirit
  17. Who my siblings are (they rock)
  18. The way I encourage people
  19. My writing ability
  20. The diversity of people in my life – growing up all over the world has shaped how I care for people of all types.
  21. My hips
  22. My name
  23. The good friends I have
  24. My voice
  25. My melanin – it’s deeper than skin. I love being a black woman.
  26. My OCD
  27. My freckles and beauty marks
  28. The parents I was born to
  29. The challenges I’ve overcome
  30. The wonderful children I am honored to mother

Making this list was an exercise in self-love. Try making one of your own, and share it.