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My two year old son is curious by nature. As soon as he saw the bubble wrap in a box that was delivered the other day, he snatched it and ran. I freaked a little, it’s plastic and he’s faster than me so I was concerned that he might try to put it up to his face before I could stop him. When he grasped it to ensure I couldn’t get it back a bubble popped. That led him to investigate, and eventually. . . pure joy erupted in a symphony of giggles and pops.

Gaius means happy, so it’s always a heartwarming MOMent for me when this little one is having a good time. This was a reminder to me that you don’t need much in order to smile. Just find something you like, grab a hold of it (seize) and jump in. Hope this brightens your day.

enJOY – A.B.