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I’d been so busy I had not made time to get my eyebrows waxed. Afraid that they might take over my whole face, I made an appointment this past Friday with the nice lady at my local shop who always does a great job. They turned out great, and got me to thinking. I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed since college and I always get compliments on what great eyebrows I have. It sounds silly, and arbitrary I’ll admit but for a woman who used to be a girl who was very self conscious about her super thick eyebrows it is appreciated. I got my Dad’s brows (along with the entire rest of his face except the beard). And I always thought they were way too thick, especially for a girl. Thirteen-year-old me would never have guessed that as an adult I would appreciate the eyebrows I was given; while many of my peers spend good money on brow defining kits, eyebrow pencils, even eyebrow extensions. Here I am waxing away good eyebrow hair when someone is paying for it! We all have positive attributes, as well as things we’d like to improve. Learning to appreciate what you have is the first step toward making it work for you. So, I hope you put your best face forward. Happy first day of March. Blossom where you are loves.

– A.B.