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Okay, so obviously. . . not too many people are feeling truly carefree right now. There is a lot going on. Since the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the horrible shootings of the Dallas Police officers, news of the attack in Nice, and whatever the heck happened yesterday in Baton Rouge – there is no shortage of things to worry about.

We should be safe, vigilant and work toward figuring out how we can heal the troubles here in the United States and the world. While we do, it is important to remember WHO & WHAT we are being┬ásafe and healing for in the first place. Plus, we could ALL use a bit of a break. That’s why I love the hashtag #CarefreeBlackKids2k16

If you haven’t yet, stop and check out the hashtags feed on your favorite social media platform.

The hashtag was started by Heben Nigatu, co-host for BuzzFeed’s Another Round podcast and writer for The Daily Show with Stephen Colbert. The short clips of gleeful black children have provided a respite for many Twitter users, who have expressed gratitude for a bit of good in their timelines.


These images are an especially welcomed interjection of fun for the black community, who have had to deal with several images of violence against those that look like us. THANKFULLY, you don’t have to be black to enjoy these cute kids and their genuine reminder to smile, sing, and dance it out if you have to. I decided to pitch in. Here’s my two year old son enjoying one of his favorite songs, Happy by Pharrel

[wpvideo 9eWSK40i]