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One of the coolest things about having two kids close in age is that they get to experience “firsts” together. Now, this also poses QUITE the challenge since having a 2 1/2 yr old and a 1 yr old at the same time means being in charge of a tiny dysfunctional army. Packing them & all of their stuff in the car every time we need to go somewhere can take a lot of energy, and more patience than I typically have. As I was initially typing this, my oldest jumped on me and prematurely published this blog post before I was finished writing it. It’s not easy having two so small, but it does make for some pretty sweet memories.

This past weekend we made some of those sweet memories when we took the boys to their first pumpkin patch. In Houston, most of the pumpkin patches you see featured on the news are pretty far outside of the city proper. So, I was glad to find one only twenty minutes away from home. Houston On The Cheap has a great list of pumpkin patches & other fall activities in Houston and surrounding areas. Thanks to their list, I was able to find a pumpkin patch located at a ranch operated by Halter Inc. Halter Inc. is a charity organization that supports families of children with special needs or medical difficulties. They host their annual pumpkin patch as a fundraiser. It’s run by volunteers.

Since I’m a sucker for being prepared, I took a few essentials with me. A bit of a momma-preparedness kit, if you will. In case we had down time while the kids were occupied, I brought along my word search book. I found this chic one at Half Price Books at the top of the year and bought a few to keep on hand. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Autumn Haze, is a must this time of year. Protecting your lips from the elements and keeping them hydrated when the weather changes is important. This is especially true for me since my lips can be dry easily if I don’t stay on top of it. My Monster POWERCARD Ultra Thin Charger was so helpful to have on hand. I typically don’t have a lot of room to spare when I have my stuff plus the kids stuff in tow. The thin design fits in a pocket, or almost anywhere you can stick a credit card. Having the backup power helped me be able to take so many pics, which, is the only way to get a halfway decent shot of a fast moving young human. My Brookside Crunchy Clusters are my go-to on-the-go snack. With a pair of cute shades . . .  I was ready for whatever.

We had a great time overall. The weather was perfect. We went with my husband’s brother & sister-in-law, and their best friends who are more like family. Both of the other couples have little girls; so we ended up with a nice sized group. Since it’s a live ranch there was a good amount of horsey poop around. Once we got used to being on the look out, it wasn’t too bad. The kids all loved the pumpkins and the playground – which had a cool sensory wall. My oldest fed some animals at the petting zoo, and tried his hand at a horse stick race. All of the kids, except for my one yr old, rode on the ponies. I think that was the favorite activity. There was supposed to be a trackless train (some carts pulled by tractor) but some volunteers told us the tractor wasn’t working on that day. The carts looked like they’d been stationary for a while. That was a disappointment, as I’m sure everyone would have enjoyed the ride.

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I’m glad we were able to make the memories we did. It was great hanging with our nieces (not a lot of little girl energy in our male dominated clan). And anytime parents of young kids can ban together is always a plus. I’m looking forward to more group family fun. And, since our two boys are a dynamic duo I’m sure we will be experiencing many other memorable firsts in the near future. Loving family means loving every bit; from crazy everyday car-loading chaos to special seasonal pumpkin patch firsts.


HOUSTON ON THE CHEAP is a great resource that is curated with care. Check them out for family fun, holiday festivities, or generally cool things to do on your own. Their website keeps you in the know all year long.