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We are halfway through November, the month most associated with giving thanks. I’m working to not only be thankful, but to permit that gratitude to move me to action. Here’s what that looks like for me – and why I’d encourage anyone to take this approach. 

Here is an example of active thankfulness. Someone close to me is battling a health issue. It’s caused me to count my blessings and consider something I usually take for granted. Through introspection, I am realizing that I am truly thankful for my health. That realization is prompting me to be more proactive as far as my own health is concerned. Taking better care of myself as a result is an expression of that thanks. This approach gives direct motivation from a place of gratitude, not obligation. 

With active thanks, being grateful for good friends will cause you to spend more time with them. Spending more time will strengthen your relationships. Adopting this point of view helps feed the positive things you focus on, giving you more to be thankful for. It sounds pretty simple, but purposing to add the action to your thanks takes you out of the ranks of those who acknowledge good things in thought only. Adding more thankful, positive vibes in your life can’t hurt. 

Having a sense of responsibility for the good things we have seems like a natural evolution of an actively thankful attitude. In today’s recently shaken up political climate, I’m hoping that more people will purpose – as I have – to be active in regard to the freedoms we have and would like to preserve. Certainly in these cases, typical passive thanks will no longer do. 

So, don’t be surprised if you see a shift in tone from me. Not to angry, but protective. Not reactionary, but responsible. If I am TRULY thankful for something today is the day to work to ensure I’ll be able to enjoy it tomorrow. If I am learning anything right now it is that I need to make more decisions that directly impact my life than are made despite me, behind closed doors. And not just my life. More so for my sons and godson, my nieces and my unborn nephew. For them action is a required responsibility of us all, not a luxurious burden for some. For that lesson, I am thankful.