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We are a few days into the week after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, your turkey coma is wearing off and you’ve made use of all your leftovers – finally. For me, the best part of Thanksgiving day was the opportunity to actually give, to a group of people who reminded me of what I have to be thankful for. I wasn’t as excited for the holiday this year. Kind of pouting since my sister couldn’t be in town. She’s in San Francisco giving to the community every day through her position at a missions based initiative which services that city’s drug and poverty heavy Tenderloin District. Since she’d be serving on Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to as well.

I was able to, through the outreach of my awesome church, to share some Thanksgiving festivity with seniors in a local senior facility. An awesome couple who attends our church, The Roberts’, are plugged into Volunteers of America. Through their dedication to the organization (and the community in general) they’ve been able to share so much with so many in need and provide an outlet for our church and others to expand our outreach in the community.

I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that maybe no one in the facility would be interested in attending a holiday get together with strangers. If they did come, it might be just for the food. Not only was I pleasantly surprised but truly rewarded by the investment of a few hours. The whole morning was greatly received by the residents. They thanked us for coming and were authentically grateful for our company. The festive decorations, inspiring  message (brought by my Dad, a military Vet and associate pastor at our church), wonderful full course feast, smiles and thoughtful service were regarded as an expensive gift. It dawned on me that I’ve never had a Thanksgiving were the company of some loved ones was not a given. Seeing how appreciative someone could be of the kindness of a complete stranger made me appreciate the family and friends I am surrounded by even more. I might have been the closest thing to family one of those gracious seniors got to see that day. What a humbling honor. And awesome reminder. In a fateful twist, my Dad and I found out later that one of the residents we’d spent the morning with was actually the father of a family friend, and fellow military family member we’d lived on an Air Force Base with in California! We had been able to brighten the holiday of our friend’s father, unknowingly. It was great getting to know the residents a little. I’m looking forward to going back on Christmas Eve.

GIVEAWAY (Entry period extended, see below)

In the spirit of giving and in honor of Giving Tuesday, I’d like to pay it forward a bit by gifting services to a cause. The drawing is open for any registered 501 (c)(3) organization OR cause focused event, so tag one you think should enter.

I’ll be giving away a free, 90-minute consultation to help with positioning, crafting compelling messages, and increasing engagement. The winner will also be able to pick my brain about the overall brand identity of their cause. All in all, the session is valued at over $300!

Any interested in the giveaway should email my business, SEIZE Worthy, through the contact page here. A winner will be randomly selected after entries close today  EXTENDED through this Saturday, the 3rd of December! Consultation can be virtual if winner is outside of the Houston area.