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A friend posted this list on her Instagram feed on Christmas Eve, and I so appreciated the sentiment. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle, bustle and POSTING of the holidays. 

It seems these days, that you can’t claim to have enjoyed your holiday if you don’t have the Facebook Live footage to back it up. So, this year I made a conscious decision to curtail what I felt I had to post in real time, in effort to be more present during happy holiday happenings. Now, full disclosure, there were a few moments I wanted to capture in video or photos – and I did. I sent some photos of my kids opening presents to relatives, and sent the video of my Two-year-old’s first Christmas speech to his Godparents who couldn’t be there to see it in person. Not having the pressure of getting the perfect shot to post to my IG feed later, though, really took some pressure off. I didn’t stage anything, wasn’t stressing my kids for the perfect pose. . . and while I certainly do both of those things on occasion I realized it’s not a prerequisite for a great memory. 

My biggest highlights of this Christmas break so far, were spending time with my husband while he was off from work; seeing the “Christmas Under the Bigtop” program with my Mom and the ladies from our church at Houston’s Second Baptist church; having a small family gathering at my cousin’s place complete with her brother who was visiting from Portland and two younger cousins I hadn’t seen in far too long; volunteering on Christmas Eve morning at the senior apartment community where my church members and I sung carols, served food and gave gifts; hanging with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law at their place on Christmas Eve night; hearing my oldest boy excitedly deliver his first Christmas speech at church on Christmas morning, and coming home to see my boys open gifts until they literally didn’t want to open any more. 

I won’t forget any of those moments even though they are not hosted online somewhere for the world to see. Sharing with the world is a GREAT function of social media and the internet in general, but knowing that I’m not obligated to do it helped me be more present this year. And that was a gift in itself.