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Yep, It’s February. Apart from being Black History Month, this month is most recognized for being the month of love. Valentine’s Day right smack in the middle of the month seems to take over the whole 28 days. Those of us who are currently in love with someone who reciprocates, share dinner plans and prepare our weekender bags for romantic getaways. Those of us who are not currently as involved tend to feel anywhere from a bit left out, to five-minutes-away from slapping the next happy couple who shares a kiss in public. It can be hard not to be angry or completely discouraged this month if you desire a loving relationship and find yourself without one this month.

Presently paired, or not, remembering to express our self-love is important this month and year round. It may sound a bit lame, but the way you feel about YOURSELF impacts all of your other relationships. Being your own biggest fan, as opposed to most often critic, can also help you achieve more since you’ll be more likely to take risks. It’s easy to start. Just look in the mirror and say “Hello, Love”.

Either Way, I dig me!

Whether you are having a minimal makeup, messy hair and glasses kinda day OR a berry lipped, manicured, agreeable curls winning spree . . . we have all got to practice loving who we are. It is not always easy in this world. The choice is one we make several times daily.

Here are a few things you can do to get in the habit of being your own honey:

  • Write yourself a love letter. Be sure to include your name and make it specific. Tell yourself what you love about you. If you have a particularly low day, you’ll know just where to go for a reminder of how great you are. (For me, this requires having spent time in my Bible recently. I tell myself what God thinks of me as a starting point.)
  • Buy yourself some flowers. Not everyone is into floral arrangements, true. If you are pick up a bouquet. Don’t skimp if you don’t have to. We all need some brightness on an emotionally cloudy day, BUT if you treat yourself to some beauty when things are fine you’ll feel extra special.

NOTE: These two habits (above) are particularly good for single ladies. If you treat yourself this well, you will not likely settle for a man who doesn’t at least do the same – if not better.

  • Affirmations. Some people choose to affirm themselves every morning in the mirror. Others pull out the self encouragement when they have a big day ahead of them. Whichever you choose, say it until you believe it and can see a difference.
  • Have a weekly dinner date with yourself. Prepare or order your favorite meal. Sit at the table. Music, candles, fancy napkins – woo you!

The benefit in exercises like these, besides enjoying your own company and positive thoughts, is that you will begin to feel worth it. That feeling of positive self worth should not be tied to whether you are in a relationship or not. The truth is, you’re awesome!

“Hello, Love”