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The Gift of Valentine’s Day

In my previous post – “Hello, Love” – I shared some tips on how to love yourself better, whether you’re single or spoken for. This is something I cannot stress enough, especially when messages of hate seem so recently commonplace. I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and encourage you not to shrug it off or muddle through it just because it may not be how you pictured. If you are single, enjoy yourself today! You are worth celebrating. If you are with someone, and too busy or broke to do what may have liked, find as much happiness as you can in the sheer joy of each other’s brief company. Remember, your single friend might be happy to be broke with a good man like yours.

One of my best friends recently lost her uncle. I thought about her aunt, and how hard today might be for her. I hope that she might be somewhat comforted by the memories of good times they shared AND by knowing that to have had a love so true (as all of their family and friends acknowledged at his homegoing service) that she has been amongst a sacred and privileged minority. In this world of drive-thru divorces, to have shared a love like theirs is such a gift. Hold your loved ones close today for however long you can. Whether today is hard for you, or Sunday-morning easy, be present. The fact is that the real gift is actually today itself, and each day we are blessed to see.

– Alicia Brownell

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