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It’s okay. Breathe.

You may not need this reminder but oftentimes, I do. Not having everything in my house in order can sometimes make me feel like my life is, in fact, that big pile of laundry I have yet to fold. Obviously reading it or saying it out loud makes it seem a little silly. For most of us there is usually more to do than time there is to do it. At least, that is the perception we have and a nagging feeling that lingers. It might help if we all just loosen up a bit and step back on occasion. Would it be nice for my place to be in a constant state of pristine and posh perfection? Yes, of course. Am I really capable of maintaining that while building a business, raising a child or (wait for it) both of those at the same time? Maybe not.And that’s okay. Just because my living room doesn’t – at this moment – look like the background I saw in the latest photo from my Instagram Mom Crush does not mean my world is in shambles. Life is lived in. That really is the beauty of it.

I could do a better job of folding laundry as soon as possible to avoid the perpetual pile. I could. I will. I will also, however, give myself a break more often to avoid the perpetual pile of unneeded, not helpful, guilt about everything. Maybe a cleaning service is an investment that would reap rewards in sanity and cleanliness. I’m sure my IG Mom Crush has one of those. I mean, her place is spotless. My place . . . is mine. And I’m thankful for it.