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Today is #NationalDayOfEncouragement & this blog post is for anyone who feels hesitant to knock on opportunity’s door. The doors that are for us may not always be as pretty as the one pictured with this post. Sometimes they’ll be disguised as hard work or patience, but BE ENCOURAGED! Everything you desire is right on the other side of persistence and perseverance. You got this!

Here are three quick tips for encouraging yourself, even when it’s hard.

  1. Look at how far you’ve come -This can be difficult to begin if you’re not in the habit. Having fallen into the trap of comparison can also deter you from appreciating your own progress. If you’re stuck, start with the basics. For starters, you are still here. Alive. Realizing that some of your peers are not around to say that much is a humbling truth. Choose to believe that you are still here for a reason! You have a purpose. Pursue it relentlessly.
  2. You are still trying – Get comfortable giving yourself credit. Not giving up is half the battle. If you are committed to achieving a goal or realizing a dream, that commitment should be commended. If you have recently decided to try again at something you’d once put away, your new found gusto should be acknowledged. Trust me. The world will not end if you pay yourself on the back a few times. You may even get used to it.
  3. You have unique abilities – Even if there are several people who can do what you aspire to do, take comfort in knowing that no one can do it the same way as you. Your story is unique. Your ideas are unique because they stem from unique life experiences. No one else can offer exactly what you can; which means – if you can truly harness all that you are – you’ll me filling a distinct void. Your voice is needed.