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Word of the Week: FUN

I had an absolutely fun day hanging with a dear friend. We visited The Menil Collection, which was one of my frequent destinations when I lived in the Montrose area of Houston during my college years. Montrose is an old neighborhood with new school ideas, where everything from edgy art, trendy thrifting, and cool concerts can be found. I would walk from my apartment on Hawthorne, down to The Menil, near St. Thomas University almost every weekend when I lived in the area. My friend and I enjoyed the museums 30 Works For 30 Years exhibition. I did my best not to completely go “art fan girl” over the original Basquiat they had on display in the modern and contemporary section. After strolling through the art pieces, we had a nice lunch. We talked about being wives and moms, chasing dreams and living on purpose. The struggles of balancing it all, maintaining healthy relationships and continuing to grow as a person can be a lot. It was helpful for both of us to hear we are not alone in that struggle. It was also helpful to enjoy somewhat of a day off, just be fiends and hang out. While I reminisced on my college days she did as well. She told me later that she used to work at an art gallery when she was attending SFA. She said our fun day reminded her of the girl she used to be, and I could tell she needed that reminder. That is part of why, in my opinion, it is so important to take time for yourself, good friends and a little FUN.