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Yesterday, after my husband got back home from his bi-weekly Saturday morning haircut, we packed up the kids and went to Sugar Land Town Square for the Children’s Wellness Bash hosted by The WOW Project. I’m glad we did! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, as the weather has been near perfect in the Houston area. Perhaps Mother Nature has been taking care to be extra gentle with us as we heal from Hurricane Harvey’s havoc. At any rate, the event was fun and informative.

wellness bash


The free affair was a mix of fun things to do and see for the kids, and great resources and info for us adults. My three year old loves music, so he was excited to see that the musical performers were kids. Kids on the drums, kids playing guitar, kids singing and one particularly rhythmic kid who I was convinced was an adult by the sound of him jazzing up the keyboard. Nope. He was just a super talented kid. Although it was approaching nap time for my youngest, who just turned two, he managed to dance and run around to the variation of musical offerings from the talented and brave children who provided the tunes. Fun!


I noticed that several of the stations had different types of wellness they were promoting. Kids were collecting stamps for visiting each station and once they’d collected them all, they were given a goodie bag. It seemed that the older kids were enjoying the stamp hunt – a smart way to get them engaged. The concept was lost on my littles, so we just bounced around freely as we tend to do.  After looking into the organization, I found that the different wellness types coincided with the 8 Dimensions of Wellness that the WOW Kids Program is designed to teach. The WOW Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people in underserved communities through wellness education. They have two programs. One, which teaches health coach led healthy eating so that families enjoy learning about food and discover much tastier options on the healthy side. The other is their wellness program, which focus on everything from Financial and Spiritual to Social wellness.

8 wellness

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness via

Our favorite tent was the Emotional Wellness station. This station was sponsored by The Collective, a Texas-centric gift shop featuring artisan trinkets and treasures from artists all over the state. The shop is right in the heart of Sugar Land Town Square and was just yards away from all of the action. Shop owner Rachel Wingard was live-painting a colorful canvas and graciously let the kids come up and help out. Rachel hosts live painting and pop up shop events regularly. She was so nice to my three year old, who persisted on painting the red section in his very three year old way. I’d love to go to some of Rachel’s upcoming events. You can find out more about her, the cool things available at The Collective, and even buy a few items online at



We also had a good time at the booth hosted by i9 Sports. They have Flag Football, Soccer, and Basketball leagues in the area. their flyer said they are focused on fun, good sportsmanship and safe play which is exactly what I wanted to hear. I’ve been very recently looking into sports options, and since i9 has co-ed programs fro ages 3-12, they may well be a good fit. My big guy enjoyed the corn hole toss they had set up at their booth. The nice ladies there even gave him a wrist band which he thought was so cool. He wore it all day, and was even sporing it with his pajamas at bed time! Sweet.


It was fun to get out as a family, learn about some local businesses and groups, and be introduced to the awesome community focused non-profit that brought it all together. Kudos to Sugar Land Town Square for this type of programming. Since moving to this area from the Energy Corridor, it’s become one of our go-to destinations.