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Word of the Week: TRUST

It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel like you are off track. Setbacks can be setups for greatness though! Trust the journey. Trust in the power of your purpose. Trust God. He knows the plans he has for you; plans to give you hope and a future. Trust yourself. You’re stronger than any temporary situation. 

When I decided to get back to my consulting business full time I felt like I was starting over. I’d taken time away, save for one client, to focus on my two small babies. It felt like a nearly impossible game to re-brand and pick up where I left off with all the new developments in my field, new competition and NOW I had to do it all while balancing motherhood with business. It turned out to be just the edge I needed. My re-brand gave me an opportunity to define my niche and be authentic to myself in the identity of my business. My new mommy responsibilities gave me a quick lesson in really prioritizing my time and being selective with my clients and projects. And though it felt like starting over, I realized the value of the knowledge I had both of my craft and industry and if the landscape. I’d been watching, researching, reading and studying trends the whole while I was “away”. 

So be encouraged to stay your course. 

Trust your maker, trust your magic.

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