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Surprisingly, I’d never been to one of MsIndependent’s Girls Night Out events. MsIndependent is a fun group that “has become an outlet for all women to connect, explore, and expand what’s possible in life.” I’ve known of the group, and their fabulous founder Erin Creeks, for a while and have always wanted to support but it seems I’m usually busy. I really wanted to attend the unicorn themed one they hosted previously. I’d attended a few of their business geared workshops recently, and was determined to make it to the party this go round. I am glad that I was able to attend the fourth installment of their #GirlsNightOut event series. Graciously, Erin changed the theme at almost the last minute to accommodate and encourage attendees to make donations to those in our area impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Thus, Houston Strong became the theme for this event which was held September 28th at Marq 31.

First, lets talk about the location. I cannot tell you how many events I have gone to and wondered “why did they have it here” upon arrival. Not the case at all with this event. Marq 31 is a modern apartment community, centrally located, and even in the dark was easy to find thanks to their signage. That is a big deal when you are following GPS directions to a new place in this city. The friendly complimentary valet service was a huge plus as well. We’ve all regretted attending events after hassles with parking, so I commend Erin for making it easy. The event space was upstairs in what I imagine is the clubhouse area for residents. I also noticed a community game room, some cool outdoor spaces and fitness center on the property.

The event area was decorated with bright colors, and the DJ set a perfect mingling mood. There was so much to do and see, I did not know where to start. I signed a few of the thank you cards for first responders to acknowledge their selflessness after Hurricane Harvey. The cards were provided by Postable. After I dropped off a few donation items I’d brought (which entered me into some pretty cool drawings for prizes), something shiny immediately caught my attention. Not unlike a fish to a lure, I was drawn in by the gorgeous baubles on display at the BURDLIFE table.

Natasha, the boss babe behind the brand, told me that “BURD” means a young lady in Scottish. I could barely pay attention to that interesting tidbit because these multicolored tassel earrings caught my eye. Now, I’m a stud girl but I could totally see myself rocking these with some jeans and some bright solid top. Instant party.

multi earrings

Next, I strolled right over to the Luca Love table.

If you know me you know I’m a sucker for a good cause. After all my strategy and publicity brand – SEIZE worthy –  is specifically geared toward crafting and amplifying messages for influencers, businesses and non-profits who inspire positive change. So, I feel in love with Luca Love and their handcrafted products particularly after Paulina explained to me that they were handcrafted in Columbia by women in need. Her family helped teach these women how to make the jewelry. A portion of the proceeds goes back to support these women in Columbia. I was pretty much sold before learning of their special message, but afterward I was even more on board. I bought two of these gorgeous Tree Of Life bracelets and gave one to my sister. I love how it looks on.

I’m always careful to make sure bracelets I buy will compliment my heirloom gold bangle since I wear it daily. It was a gift from my husbands late grandmother who bought it in their homeland, Liberia. My new Luca Love bracelet stacks perfectly with it.

There were so many vendors and sponsors, I probably could not name them all, but a few more stood out to me. Waxing the City had a table set up where they offered free eyebrow or lip waxing there on site. I tiptoed around the station for a while. I’d just gotten my eyebrows done a few days prior but, after I saw that no one on the table seemed to be in any discomfort I worked up the courage to go for the lip service! Guess what, although I desperately needed it I’d never gotten my lip waxed before. Always been too scared. The process was quick, easy and relatively pain free. My lip wasn’t even red for very long. . . I know because I took selfies shortly after. I am so glad that they have a Sugar Land location. I’ll certainly be stopping by. The apple flavored sparkling water from Dry Sparkling was the perfect mix of a fall flavor with a refreshing twist. I enjoyed learning more about Hotel Ylem since I’d curiously driven by a few times recently. Of course, it was good to see my friend and name sake (although we pronounce it differently) Alicia of Thinking Boutique. If you didn’t know, Thinking Boutique offers far more than just clothes – hosting everything from painting, to DIY and blogging classes in conjunction with local experts right in their store. Alicia regularly makes several international trips bringing back accessories and clothing from all over so the “just clothes” that she does offer really are rather exceptional themselves. She is wearing one of her lovely tops in this photo of us together. check out Thinking Boutique. It’s worth a swing by.

I met a handful of fun new faces, since we were all having such a great time. I was also pleased to see all the fun goodies in my goodie bag when I got home. I hadn’t even peeked inside at the event because there was plenty to do. There’s a beauty blender sponge courtesy of Blush and Glow, a citrus scented mineral sunscreen moisturizer from COOLA and some other fun treats. You really should have been there. I look forward to the next one! I’ll bring some friends and be ready for another fun #GNO