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One of the cool things about having more than one kid – especially when they are fairly close in age – is witnessing the magic of a personality being developed and defined. It seems like these mini people arrive here with certain likes, dislikes and tendencies already built in. Before they are even able to speak well, the can (and do) make clear what they prefer. It’s cool to watch. For example, my oldest son is deeply interested in music. He is always singing, knows several different types of instruments and other fun musical facts, and can repeat the melody of a song – note for note – after hearing it only once. His younger brother, my tiniest dude, loves to dance to the music his brother is usually singing along to. He’s also a world class tinkerer. He takes things apart, and often climbs under them to see how they work. He looks like a bay mechanic!

While their interests are cute now, it is amazing to think I may be watching the beginnings of a future Broadway musical leading man and an award winning scientific engineer. My husband and I make it a point to encourage them to be themselves. We hope to foster those interests they seem to naturally have, while being ready to pivot if those should evolve or change completely. One of the ways I encourage them to be unique and expressive is by being thoughtful in the types I clothes I purchase for them to wear. I like to think I’m planting the seeds for a signature style. While I’d be happy just to see them be get fully dressed by themselves now, one day they will blossom into opinionated humans who dress the way the feel.

I’d learned that the clearance section at Old Navy was a mommy’s secret weapon well before I was a Mom myself. A friend and super mom that I used to babysit for “put me on” to this tip. So, when I visited an Old Navy store recently I was excited to see these printed polo shirts on sale in the Toddler Boys section. The prints are just enough to make them fun, but the shirts are still stylish and comfortable. Everybody wins. The two options that caught my eye were a light grey polo with a dinosaur print and a dark navy polo with a lightning bolt print. I picked the Dino Print Polo for my oldest since he has been learning a lot about science lately. His favorite topics so far are bacteria and velociraptors. Little man got the lighting bolts, since his smile is electric but fleeting  (LoL, he’s a serious little fella). They both look so handsome, and had a great deal of fun at the park a few days ago. While I do dress them alike for photos, holidays or for safety if we are going to be in a very crowded area (easier to spot two of the same shirts in a crowd if I have to), letting them dress in different prints and styles help reinforce their uniqueness.

The long sleeve versions of these shirts are on sale and available online via Old Navy now. I think I’ll go ahead and purchase them since the boys like the short sleeve ones so much. They can keep their style on into the cooler temps . . .  and I can keep encouraging them to explore who they want to be.