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My Pumpkins Are Growing Up

Pumpkin brothers

With me being so busy lately, last weekend was the best time I could think of to go to the pumpkin patch. Now, since I am also very not perfect – particularly when I’m busier than usual – I totally botched what was supposed to be a larger extended family outing. this time last year we took the boys to a pumpkin patch with their cousins. That was initially the plan this year as well but I just so happened to write down the wrong Saturday in October in my calendar. So, while I apologized to my sisters-in-law for the mix up I was kinda glad I didn’t have to wait another week to take the boys to the pumpkin patch. Especially since my oldest has been asking to go to one since June!

I’d spent a few days shopping around for outfits for the whole family in hopes that we’d get a great family photo with us all together in front of a backdrop of pumpkins. Of course, that did not happen. The reason it didn’t, though, turned out to be a great mental snapshot. We never got a picture together because our boys spent most of the time in different places. My husband was being dragged around by our two year old, which is quite a funny sight if you know how big and strong my husband is. I hung out with our big boy who is three and a half. The eldest and I strolled around until he found a bouncy house, we shared a snow cone, looked at some bunnies and other animals, and ended up on an imaginary quest for leaf bandits. The little dude found a cool play area, wandered (supervised) through some trees and trails and looked like he was testing his strength as he went from heavy to heavier pumpkin just picking them up and tossing them down.

They are different. The ways they play, the interests they have and the manners that they best learn new information are different. It reminded me of when we went to the children’s museum last month. We ended up in different places then just because of age. I’m seeing now that it is not just the age that differentiates them because, let’s be honest, they are not that far apart. They are individuals. it is becoming more apparent as they grow and develop their own preferences. It seems like such a change from just a year ago when they seemed like one unit. this is not so a light bulb going off. I’ve always known they were unique – though they certainly do have similarities. Seeing their own personalities become more pronounced, however, does show me how much they are growing up. My husband and I encourage our boys to keep learning about their different interests, just as we encourage them to spend time playing and learning together. And though I did not get my family fall photo (yet) our Pumpkin Patch Weekend 2017 was certainly a great time that will be a great memory. Plus, I did get some pretty good pics of the little fellas bopping around.

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