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Between the Astros World Series game and Trick-Or-Treating, there’s a lot going on today – especially here in Houston. Since it’s the last day of October, though, I couldn’t let Infant Loss Awareness month be over without sharing one more message of hope for those who need it. As someone who has been there, I know what an important message hope is.
Please understand, that by “hope” I don’t just mean hope that you can have another child. No number of children can ever replace one who was lost. Hope also does not mean that you will get “back to normal”. Losing a child will change you forever.

By hope, I mean that the change you undergo won’t always be seen as change for the worse. While the loss itself is tragic, you can live a life of triumph after your tragedy. It won’t be easy. You’ll miss your baby forever. You can, however, chose to channel that feeling into some positive energy.

And THAT is the power of hope.