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I’m fairly new to being a podcast enjoyer. I’ve known what they are, of course, for some time now but I never really listened to any. I certainly never imagined I’d be following several, and looking for more to add to my rotation. So, since I’m really digging the medium, I’ll be sharing my “Podcast Picks” monthly. I’ll share a bit about my favorite episodes from the month, new things I learned- OR – projects & products I was happy to be introduced to. There will be a mix of well established programs and “ones-to-watch” that are up and coming but just as entertaining, inspiring or educational.

Since this is my first post about podcasts, I should certainly mention the show that got me excited about podcasts in the first place.

Another Round is a podcast from Buzzfeed where co-hosts Heben (pronounced Heaven) and Tracy discuss “topics ranging from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and jokes” boasts the show’s Wikipedia page.

These ladies are smart, fun, thought-provoking and funny. I should have expected as much since the person who recommended this podcast to me is such an interesting, introspective and genuine person. She’s also chock full of fun facts about everything. Vonetta Berry, a boundary pushing body paint artist, let me know about Another Round. I respect and admire Vonetta’s artwork and her ideas about expression. You can watch a clip from a PBS segment that featured her, here, to get a better grasp of both. I could tell the podcast was going to be good, because attempting to explain the show framework made Vonetta laugh. The title of the show is a reference to the fact that the hosts are drinking “rounds” of alcohol during the show! It’s highly recommended (the podcast, not drinking while you host one).


My favorite podcast episode from this month was an episode of UnStyled, a podcast from Refinery29 which is hosted by their Global EIC and Co-founder, Christene Barberich.

Earlier this month, Christene interviewed Gabrielle Union. They talked about many close-to-heart topics like surviving and speaking out against sexual violence, infertility issues, and some of the challenges of raising young men – particularly young black men – in today’s social climate. They also chatted about Gabrielle’s new memoir, which I surprisingly hadn’t heard about yet. It’s titled “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. I went right out and bought a copy and can’t wait to crack into it.


Of course, it’s so important to support podcasts of people you actually know. I stand up and clap for anyone who’s brave enough to create something original and disciplined enough to share their creation on a regular basis. Particularly when that person is a woman or a person of color. I’m so proud of my friend and client, Stefani Vara.

Stefani is a motivational speaker, a recording artist, an entrepreneur and host of her own podcast too. On The Mic with Stefani V is her outlet for discussing life as a busy creator and current issues . . . all with her magnetic personality and inspiring tone. Entertainment, sports, fashion, business, relationships . . . nothing is off limits. Stefani’s podcast is available through iHeart Radio.

You can visit her website to find out more about her and what she’s up to.