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This past Saturday, my sweet big boy turned four years old. When I first started thinking of things we might do to celebrate his birthday, I found myself getting a bit slowed down by the reminiscing of it all. Where had four years gone? We’d decided to wait until our baby was born to find out his gender. Since my husband and I had experienced an infant loss several years before, all we really cared about was getting a happy healthy baby. It’s hard to refer to a baby who doesn’t have a name yet, and it’s hard to decide on a name before you know a gender. SO, we called him “Nugget” until that happy moment when we met him and he stole our hearts. Now my little nugget was a tall, slim, witty and energetic kid. And that kid had a little brother! Four years and two kids later . . . in what had seemed like an eye’s blink. I was usually pretty good at coming up with and sticking to a plan pretty quickly, but this memory lane journey had me distracted. I decided I wouldn’t fight it, which meant I needed an easy fix instead of a big to-do. I remembered a good friend from church, who is a fellow mom to littles, had mentioned a children’s museum in Sugar Land. . .  so I looked into it. Best idea ever!

TheFort Bend Children’s Discovery Center is a gem. I’m so glad we went. Our family had visited its Houston area counterpart, The Children’s Museum of Houston, in the Fall shortly after Hurricane Harvey. I wanted to go and support the museum after I heard that they were offering free admission to families in hurricane shelters so that their kids could have something fun to do. Since we’d been fortunate to not be impacted by the storm, and our kids were going stir crazy in the house (roads and traveling was unsafe and uncertain for a while after the hurricane) we planned a trip for the museum in Houston as soon as we were sure we could navigate there safely. Our boys had a blast. Since our oldest little fella had been asking to go back, I figured a visit to the Sugar Land area option would be closer to home (we live on the edge of Houston, near Stafford/Missouri City). The Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center is located off of Hwy 90 (Main St) right next t the old sugar mill. I drive past there almost every other day and had no idea. Upon arriving, I could see that it was a bit smaller of a venue but that really turned out to be a plus. It was less crowded than the Houston museum and parking was free.

I’d found a Groupon deal for admission to the museum. Our family of four saved a little over 50% off the regular price. Our little fella, who’s two and a half, was asleep when we arrived. My husband stayed with him while the birthday boy and I took of down the hallway to explore some of the fun offerings.

newton-know-how The first area we came to was Newton Know-How. This new exhibit had just opened earlier that day . . . what a special kismet birthday treat. My son loved this area the most. The hands on obstacles for golf balls and other contraptions teach young minds about physics concepts like force, momentum and gravity. He loved dropping a golf ball down one long chute in an attempt to have it build up enough momentum to take it successfully through a loop at the end of the chute. He would have stayed there for hours. Thankfully a fast friend helped him discover some other fun things to try, like the place where you bounce golf balls using ricochet to get them into holes. Our science loving kid would have stayed in the Newton area all day. It took a lot of convincing to get him to check out the rest of the museum.

guy newton

A little while later our little dude woke up from his nap. My husband took him to the TotSpot. This area is designated for little ones who are 35 months and under. Whoever designed this area for your family’s youngest members has thought of everything. There are bubble tubes, a book nook, an “alley” for parking your stroller and the area is cleaned hourly which gives reassurance since tiny tots seem to do a lot of their exploring with their mouths. Their are things to climb, multi colored lights and more.

My brother-in-law and sweet niece joined us a bit later on. The cousins had a good time shopping in the mini, yet impressive, H-E-B. It has hand held shopping baskets, an array of grocery and food staples, checkout lanes and cash registers and shopping lists to send our little loves on a fun scavenger hunt for items around the store. It’s dope. The store is a part of the Kidtropolis exhibit, a shrunken-down city with a bank, news room, diner, school. . . there is so much to do. The whole city lends itself to role play, sharing, imagination and creativity. I also love that they highlight different career options throughout. Forensic scientist can assist the police, EMTs work on a “patient” in the ambulance and there is a precision service center where experts run diagnostics on luxury vehicles that need service. None of the kids wanted to leave. It if wasn’t for the promise of birthday cake, I’m not sure how we would have gotten our newly four year old out of the building.  It made for a fun, easy birthday. We will certainly be back soon!