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Today, I’ve officially been 32 years old for 32 days. Since I’m big on numbers, their significance, and paying attention to them in the world . . .  I’m digging 32. 5 is one of my favorite numbers. It symbolizes everything from grace to the universe itself. Since 32 adds up to 5, and seems to be the beginning of a countdown sequence (3 . . . 2. . . 1. . .) I expect something wonderful is launching in my life soon.

I know that no good thing is going to present itself to me if I am closed to it. I’ll need an open mind and an open heart to see the good that  is for me in this year. So, as an exercise of introspection, here are thirty-two lessons I’ve collected over my more than three decades of living.

  1. Everyone’s story is worth telling
  2. Learning daily is so important
  3. Intuition is a powerful force, and should be cultivated
  4. True friends are a treasure
  5. Women are unstoppable
  6. Good things are worth working for
  7. Encouraging yourself is a must
  8. Music is essential
  9. Creativity is a gift and responsibility
  10. I do not need milk in my life 
  11. A support system can be anyone BUT needs to be someone
  12. Sunshine has feel good power
  13. Growth isn’t easy, but it is worth the trouble
  14. Beauty really does start on the inside
  15. Loving yourself is a priority 
  16. Loving others is a privilege
  17. Your passion will help you find your purpose
  18. Someone else is winning with the same cards you got dealt, meaning you can too
  19. Kids are a lot of work (refer to number 6)
  20. Words, thoughts and intentions are exceedingly powerful
  21. You should not believe in anyone more than you believe in yourself
  22. Family is a blessing
  23. Everything is working together for my good (Romans 8:28)
  24. Balance is beautiful
  25. Each day is a unique gift
  26. If something speaks to you, listen
  27. Helping others always helps you too
  28. Writing with a colored pen is better for your memory
  29. Hope is contagious
  30. Anyone can be a catalyst for change
  31. Giving is how you gain
  32. Someone needs what you’ve been holding, please share it