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Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Dropping by to share a photo of my little fellas in world inspired tees. And, I share a few ideas for helping little minds to start thinking about how they can help take care of our planet. First, the outfit deets. Here, my littlest dude is wearing a “Look Out World” tee from Old Navy.


My big guy is wearing a shirt that says “Change The World One Friend At A Time”. I found this cool graphic tee at Target.

Both tees were five bucks or under!

Our family LOVES going to parks, so I’ve been purposefully letting the fellas know ways we can help take care of the parks and our planet. We talk about not leaving trash behind us and re-using things around the house.

I also read that letting the kids decorate their own reusable tote bags, or going on an earth friendly nature walk (looking for typical rocks and twigs, but also spotting trash to pick up and doing so) are a few ways to get them thinking on a more earth friendly, but age appropriate, level.

One of our favorite parks has turtles in it. We talk about how the turtles share the park with us and we have to make sure we don’t disturb their home or leave trash that might harm them or make them sick. It got me thinking of more ways to bring the kids in to the process. We’ve been recycling at home for a while, but I think now I’ll ask the boys to help me crush down any plastic containers before they go in the recycling bin. That way they are involved in making a positive impact. The items I save for crafts, like paper towel rolls, can also be a teachable moment for them.

What ways can you get your family to pitch in and take care of our shared home?