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Starting off strong is important. It really helps to give something your all when you take on a new challenge. The difference between a strong start and a strong finish, however, is made in the distance in between.

I recently started working out in a boot camp style group at my church. The first day was rough. I realized how incredibly “out of shape” I am. By the time I’d gone back to the third session, my husband asked me how I was feeling about it. I told him that the hour of working out seemed a bit better the second time around but that I felt discouraged about how far I had to go. He encouraged me to just keep going and think of it as a lifestyle change instead of slowly working toward some weight loss goal. He helped me see that the real difference would be made in my commitment and ability to keep at it and not quit. So, I’ll keep going.

The definition of resilience is being able to recover quickly or spring back into shape. This is such an important, though overlooked, quality in life. Difficult days are a part of everyone’s journey. The key is to not let those discouraging times keep you down or bend you out of shape. Remember who you are and be flexible so you can stay resilient.