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As I get older, I find the expression “Quality over Quantity” is really more of a mantra than a cliché. When shopping, I notice myself spending more money for fewer well-made pieces than my college clothing habits of collecting several cheap items. When I was in college – and near broke as most students are – the hoard of discount duds felt like more. My bestie, now a successful oil & gas professional, jokingly reminds me of how we used to raid stores we would not be caught dead in now.  Today, more feels like better. It’s a sentiment that I suppose reflects some maturity; especially since it seems to be shared among my peers.

Clothing is just one example. It’s the same idea as saving in favor of that international excursion as opposed to taking several road trips instead the same year. I’m sure if you’ve undergone a similar evolution you could think of several examples of this trend, including dining out ( I can’t believe what I used to eat, LoL). Friendships, and all relationships really, for me have followed a similar curve. Today, I’d much rather have fewer well-cultivated relationships than several seemingly surface ones. Quality wins out.

And like the more expensive, well-made clothing there are certain benefits to leveling up your friendships. Good friends help you feel confident. They help you feel good about yourself. Just the thought of a truly good friend will bring up memories, since you have shared experiences. A good friend will accentuate your best characteristics and help hide those less favorable so that you have time to work on them. A good friend can keep up with you all day of you need them to. Even if you haven’t gotten together in a while, you always know where to find them. A good friend always has your back . . . not unlike your favorite dress.