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Settling into myself in my thirties has been so rewarding. I have things I still want to work on, of course, but my direction is set and I’ve learned to keep moving – challenges and all.

The response I am getting from being intentional in as much as possible, provides me with frequent confirmation that I’m on the right track. I credit that to God, and to me placing increased value on my time and spending it accordingly. I had to cut out some projects and people that were not aligned with my direction. In business, for example, every client I lost to this intentional purge I’ve gained two to replace it. The new clients are ideal, fulfilling and Every potential client from here on out, hears my clear message that I do not have the time or desire to work with just anyone. I’m passed the general experience gaining phase of my career where you say yes to almost everything. It’s a scary leap to make, but I have trusted that as I am deliberate about my output that God will guide the universe around me to reciprocate in the same purposed fashion.  It’s working.

It took me time, trial and much error to get here – to a place where my moves are purposed and not reactionary. Now that I am here, I am getting comfortable. I don’t just do things anymore. That’s not to say I have lost my spontaneity. Keeping my direction in mind at all times, actually frees my intuition to take over a bit more. I say yes to on-the-whim opportunities that feel right, not just because I feel I might miss something. I find that even seemingly subconscious decisions made in this more aware and intentional space end up working out in the end. Purpose seems like a lot of work to consider upfront, but it really can make all the difference in the end.