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This time last week, one of my best friends and her son – who happens to be my super-smart godson, came over to our house for breakfast. My godson is five (almost 6) and very tall. My oldest son is four, so he loves having his big boy god-brother come over to play. My youngest boy was entertaining himself with blocks and graham crackers, which gave the older dudes a chance to play. After much convincing my four-year-old to actually eat breakfast, they started a game of hide-and-seek.

Two mornings later, while watering my plant outside, I was thinking about how much fun they had playing that classic game. I had forgotten how much effort was required, back when I was a kid and the seeking was really a challenge. To find his friend, my little fella had taken off down the hallway at full speed – excited. He peeked behind doors, got down close to the ground to look under things, stopped to stand still & think for a while and kept on looking until he found who he was looking for.

How often do we, like grown ups who’ve lost the fun in childhood games, forget that finding what we are seeking requires excitement and effort? Are we okay with making a few mistakes, looking a bit silly and stopping to regroup in order to ultimately find our prize? Have we forgotten how to play? I mean really play to win. You have to crouch down low and look under your bed sometimes. And the only way to win is to not give up, to search everywhere, until you find what you are after. So take a cue from some of the sweet little dudes in my life . . . and be reminded how to really seek.