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Earlier this week, I attended a powerful event organized for moms and those in the community concerned about the current state of families, and their needs. The MOMs SUMMIT in Houston was a free event featuring Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee represents the 18th district of Texas and is an active and leading figure in the Houston and surrounding areas community. This event was a great example of that active leadership. The summit was billed as a forum for  “Addressing the Needs of America’s Families”, where attendees would be able to talk with Experts, Academic and Elected Officials to discuss solutions for the challenges facing mothers and their families today.

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Notable tidbits I took away were when Congresswoman Jackson Lee said “I don’t want an America that is Haunted by tweets” and “I don’t want an America that doesn’t understand that yes, there is racism . . . but there is hope”.

House Leader Pelosi, a mother of five, said that when she is often asked what is the most important issue facing congress now she always answers our “children, children children”. She said the education, economic well being and healthcare of our children are top issues to be attended to.

The community partners involved, panelists and even guests all had useful insight and inspiring stories. I hope to see more of these community based, solutions driven events in the future.