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You know how people say “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? I always thought that was some derivative (or at least second cousin) of the Biblical principal “you have not because you ask not”.

We understand that we need to ask for what we need: out of life, in relationships, from our careers or even of ourselves. How often do we get intentionally specific? Outside of ordering our signature latte from the barista, a lot of what we accept in life is really settling for someone else’s custom fit.

Being specific in our expectations, prayers, vision boarding, intention setting, affirmation quoting, communicating, dreaming . . . all of that good stuff has the potential to be great if we can be intentional about being specific.

I was reminded of this recently. A friend ask me to help her with a project that turned out to be two separate projects. After hearing what she needed I stepped back to consider all the pros and cons. The 1st project was right in my lane but the 2nd was outside of my scope. I wanted to help her but decided to tell her about how I’d really been sticking by my decision to filter all of what I engage in business through my overall vision. I was nervous that she be disappointed but she understood. In fact, she said some questions I raised about the 2nd project have her something to think about and that maybe another approach was needed. I helped more than I intended to, all because I was specific about what I wanted to spend time on.