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If you’ve ever wondered why I insist on bright and colorful, here is part of the answer. It’s not so much for show or attention . . . it’s for me. I’m drawn to color, in my wardrobe, accessories and elsewhere because it reminds me to celebrate everyday moments, each day. I know that life is not all rainbows and candy. I have experienced dark times like everyone else. After a tragic loss, I lost a bit of my personal spark. I dove into work – a comfortable place for me – and buried my head in business instead of dealing with my hurt. It backfired, slowly but surely. Years later, I realized I had not healed because I never confronted what I went through.

The biggest measurement of this lost time, for me, was realizing that I had not been celebrating. Anything. My own birthday, my husband’s birthday, my friend’s accomplishments, holidays . . . I’d let everything take a back seat to “work” even though I was keep busy but not being intentionally productive (that’s a whole other blog post for another day). When I realized the amount of life I’d let pass me by, I decided I wanted to live on purpose. I uncovered the experience I had been trying to hide – loosing my infant son – and did the hard work of seeking emotional wellness. Desperate to be able to take away at least some life lesson from my tragedy, I recognized that my son’s short life was a life all the same. If I could take anything from that, it would be that life (however long or short) is a precious gift. Not in a cliché way, but with a meaningful intent, I resolved to make the most of my days ever since this realization. That is why I “A, B, SEIZE” the day. That is why I decidedly cater my business to servicing entrepreneurs and other small business owners who have purpose built into their DNA. That is why I wear bright colors. To remind myself of my “why“.

Often, we feel compelled to live in the backseat and play in the shadows. Sorrow is real, and faking fun is more dangerous than it is helpful. Still, grasping the beauty and gratitude that each day holds, however difficult, is a practice that I am convinced pays off. There is more good & golden in life than there is gloomy & grey. Orange pumps is just one of the ways I choose to remind myself of this truth when I’m running late (I can’t stand not being on time). So find your thing that keeps the color in your heart pumping vibrantly. Blow up some balloons and have a party for no big reason. Dare to live a life that makes a difference, even if it means living in a new and different way.

Special shout out to Big Ass Balloons and their Balloon Room pop-up at The Revaire for the fun and photo-worthy reminder to live life in full color.