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It’s hard to chose to be your best self, every single day. Thankfully, there are several ways I have found that will help make this mindset seem like second nature. Meditation & prayer, daily affirmations, and reading books like You Are A Badass have been beneficial for me when it comes to training my brain to see winning as my default. The practice will pay off. Be encouraged if you are still struggling with this. I have as well, but the lesson is in the journey.

A few weeks ago, while driving my son to school, I recognized an opportunity to instill this practice in him at an early age. We were talking about what kind of day he would have at school and how well he’d done on a recent project. The subject of being proud when you do a good job came up. Now, over the weekend when we were working on the project he’d expressed how much he was proud of it. He said it would be better than anyone else’s and I reminded him that while he should be proud when he does well, that he did not want to be boastful or put anyone else’s work or effort down. Now, in the car on the way to school the reality of measuring up to his classmates work had caused him to shrink back a bit. He said that when he does well on something he tends to get shy and hide. On one hand, I was glad that he was not doubting the actual work that he did. Hiding, proud or not, was not a pattern I wanted him to develop.

I told my four year old son, that when you do well you stand out front – no hiding. And, when you don’t do as well, you still stand tall and try to do better next time. I want him to be the most true version of himself as often as possible. I want his light to shine, his whole life. It was a good reminder to me as well. I have not always stood tall or out in front. We all need to be reminded to radiate on occasion. To be a source of light, warmth and change.

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