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The Power Of Orange

In 2012, I decided I wanted to cater my business to a certain type of client. I’d been saying yes to almost any project that would pay prior to that. Either age or some big life moment will typically teach you the limitations of your time on earth, and increase your perceived value of the time you have left. For me, it was a combination of both. I suffered a great loss in 2009, buried myself in work & business as a distraction, and realized the err of my ways in 2012. I learned a big lesson from a little angel, and told myself that just any client would no longer do. I started this blog around that time and began offering services to meaningful projects and clients. While fully committing to this idea would take more time, just the fact that I had attempted to make a positive change was powerful. More than I realized at the time. The logo, business cards and website theme that I created for my new heartfelt venture were orange with blue accents.

In color theory, orange represents enthusiasm, encouragement, creativity & success. Orange is who I strive to be. – Alicia Brownell

I never really identified with the color orange too much before, but somewhere on my journey it stuck. At first it was subconsciously, until I noticed it was everywhere around me. Curious . . . I looked into it’s meaning. In color theory, orange represents enthusiasm, encouragement, creativity & success. Orange is who I strive to be. Once I was open to my authentic desires I noticed I’d been manifesting a life where these things were present in my mind, so much so that I was attracted orange things – dresses, flowers, accessories – as a result. Now, I keep orange close on purpose.

I had to experience something tragic before I got serious about what I wanted my life to be and to be about. Once I started that process, what I needed found me. Even in something as simple as a color.

What colors have meaning to you and why?

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