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The Work of Self Worth

Once you decide you are worth more, you WILL be tested.
So make the decision and get yourself ready. I had to do this for myself recently.

Some time ago, I made the transition from working with just any client or project to being specific about spending my time only when my work aligned with my overall vision of serving clients that inspire or give back to their communities. I figured getting really specific would impact my money at first, but I was committed. Things went very well for a while.

Then life happened. My husband’s job of 11 years was gone . . . all of sudden. And with it so was my plan for gradually growing my business while he supported the bulk of our financial needs. Fast forward to a year later. We still have not fully recovered.

In that time, we’ve lost a lot of material things and some activities we were used to BUT here’s some of what we’ve gained:

  1. We know now that money won’t ever split us up. If we can make it through the ups & downs of this period we can make it through anything. We’ve invested time and effort into building our marriage even with the world spinning.
  2. We don’t depend on material things to bring us joy, validation or peace. And we’ve committed to seeking God faithfully even after things begin to improve around us.

Here’s some of what I’ve gained personally:

  1. It took practice, and some failed attempts, but I’ve settled into the idea that my expertise and effort or valuable. I will not give them away.
  2. I know that I don’t need things to make me feel like a million bucks, my confidence has been fortified. I’m so dope. And I’m comfortable with that now. Not cocky. Confidently comfortable.
  3. I recognize the importance of prioritizing my mental health and wellness. I’ve had some dark days during this ordeal. Once, I was so stressed about money that I forgot I was driving and ran a red light. I wrecked a vehicle that wasn’t mine, and caused some damage. Thankfully it wasn’t worse. My children, sister and I were safe.
  4. I realize the strength and determination I have – specifically for the commitment to my business and vision. If I can keep pushing through all of this – keep gaining new clients, keep working for the ones I have, keep learning and seeking new tools and knowledge for my craft- there really is no stopping me now.

So from experience I can say, keep working on truly knowing your worth. Practice. Affirm yourself. Encourage yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and absorb good, uplifting & inspiring content. Don’t be surprised by the challenges. Be ready and commit to getting through. You’ll be better for it. You are worth the effort.

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