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Note from AB

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. If you are a creative individual, an ambitious entrepreneur, a reader, a writer, a friend, or just someone LOOKING FOR MORE OUT OF LIFE then I encourage you to look around. A, B, Seize is not just a brand, it’s a way of navigating life. We do our best to represent brands and individuals who believe in SEIZING each day, and life in general. The blog posts on our site reflect news about our great clients, as well as personal posts from me and special guests who strive to live life on purpose and inspire others to do the same. If you have a passion in life, pursue it now. If you don’t yet have one, begin your search today. If there is something in your life you want changed, stop complaining and start changing. Trust me, I will be following my own advice first before I expect it out of you.

Life is a gift . . . unwrap it already!

– AB